Annabelle – Sails for Dave Gentry Skin on Frame Boat Plans

Annabelle designed by Dave Gentry –  standing Lugsail – white USD339.69
Annabelle designed by Dave Gentry –  standing Lugsail – tanbark (Red) USD358.68

June 2016 -Sail Prices are US Dollar Prices including delivery to a US address.  Please contact us for your local pricing. Prices may vary without notice.

Dave Gentry designs lovely skin on frame boats. He asked us to provide good sails at a fair price for his 10 ft Annabelle Skiff. This is his file photo

sails for Dave Gentry Skin on Frame boat Plans - Really Simple Sails

The sail is a standing lug of 52 square feet.

There is a bit of nice history here.  The prototype was built by a mutual and dear friend of Dave’s and mine, Paul Helbert at the coldest “Sail Oklahoma” event on record.

Really Simple Sails focus on a high level of detail.  Sailcloth is from Challenge or Bainbridge, all fittings are the same as mainstream sailmakers.  Our work is well regarded by experienced sailors.

Other Dave Gentry Boat Boat sails we have made are

  • Gentry Annabelle white
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  • Gentry Chatauqua Sailing Canoe Main Mizzen White

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6 thoughts on “Annabelle – Sails for Dave Gentry Skin on Frame Boat Plans

  1. Brian Byrne says:

    Good morning Mick from a freezing Brisbane (about 14C overnight);

    I know, I must be a big sook.

    I’ve finished your Quick Canoe and now need an RSS standing lug sail. I saw Duckworks was out of stock, and I’d rather not pay for overseas postage if I can avoid it.

    Where can I find one in Australia?



    • Hi Brian,

      We sent all our remaining stock of canoe lug sails to duckworks a couple of weeks ago.

      So they have stock now. We’ve done a deal with a carrier to get excellent rates for a batch of sails from the Philippines to the USA. And by the time duckworks sends it to oz it’s within a few dollars of the direct Phils to Oz price.

      It is paradoxical, a bit annoying and terrible for carbon emissions, but that’s the way it seems to work.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hello there!
    My name is Vladimir. I am going to order a standing lug sail of 52 sq.ft for my Annabelle Skiff by Dave Gentry. According to your web sight you have two colors – white and tanbark available. I like them all! Do you have other colors? Please reply to make me order. Thank you.

    The delivery will be to Washington, DC, the U.S.A.

    Have a nice day.

    Отправлено с iPad

    • Hi Vladimir,

      We can do sails for the Annabelle in other colours. I will contact you by email directly.

      Sail cloth quality depends on how much cloth they make of a particular quality. So for many colours the quality is not so good.

      White cloth – good range and good quality
      Tanbark (traditional dark red colour) – narrow range but good quality – roughly 15% more expensive than white
      Red cloth – There is good cloth made for Mirror Dinghies which are very popular – this can be used for other boats for jibs and mainsails from small sails up to bermudan sails around the 70 sq ft mark and lugsails up to around Oz Goose size (90 sq ft) as loads on a lug are a bit less.
      Light Blue cloth is made for the Enterprise class – a 13ft Dinghy of good performance. Bermudan sails up to the 80sq ft mark and lugsails up to the around 100 sq ft.

      There is a rainbow range of different sailcloths, but they are not as durable or as well made as the colour listed above.

      There is good sailcloth in White tanbark and Cream

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