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Small boat designer for storerboats.com and sail designer for reallysimplesails.com
Website: http://storerboatplans.com/wp
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Tech oriented 5.0m sailing canoe sail with reef - reallysimplesails.com
Oz Goose sailboat - really simple sails
Really simple sail going upwind on Lake Ta'al, Philippines
Leach Ribbon or tuft behaviour on lug and other sails - really simple sails

All RSS canoe, Oz, Goat sails are back in stock

Duckworks USA now has all sails back in stock 23 October 2014. Order sails by RSS from Duckworks. Countries not serviced easily by Duckworks can email us.  Sail prices are the same and freight costs may be higher from the Philippines. The new 36sq ft Canoe sail will be added to the ordering page tomorrow. […]
Inextpensive nice canoe sail 38 sq ft - reallysimplesails.com
John Lizardi's NorthEaster Dory wanted a bigger lug sail - RSS sails - Simple inexpensive quality sails.

A bigger, inexpensive sail for John Lizardi’s CLC NorthEaster Dory

John was looking for more oomph for his NorthEaster Dory by CLC. He decided to try the RSS 89 square foot lug sail. He found himself sailing happily alongside Lasers for an extended period, causing puzzled looks from the young Laser sailors. Boat handles much better too.