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Manager and machinist at Really Simple Sails.
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Cream balance lug sail for Dave Gentry designed Annabelle Skiff - reallysimplesails.com
Low cost stock sail - balance lug
Sail setup for John Welsford Saturday Night Special
Goat Island Skiff Lug sails can be made by Really Simple sails at low cost
Excellent sails at a modest price in stock designs - reallysimplesails.com

Welcome to Really Simple Sails

Our Philosophy Really Simple Sails is a Philippines owned business making sails for the world market. We have worked closely with small boat designer Michael Storer who helped us to develop the sail shapes for his well known designs like the Goat Island Skiffs, the OzRacers, OzGoose and Perttu Korhonen’s Ocean Explorer micro cruiser. We can […]