Big Sail price reduction of $100 for GIS and OZ.

We are happy to announce a big price drop.

Low cost high quality sails for small boats -

US dollar prices are now back to where they were last year

Oz $352.29 USD

GIS $381.72 USD

All prices around the world are based on tgese US Dollar prices.

We have successfully organised for our sails to be laser cut to our designs.

Goose sailing boat beach discussion - really simple sails

This also allows us to provide quotes for.many other types of sails for different boats from a wider range of materials.

Texas 200 beach scene - we can now make sails for many boats -

So feel free to ask and we’ll see if it is something we can do.


3 thoughts on “Big Sail price reduction of $100 for GIS and OZ.

  1. Ruben a Rojas Isla says:

    I ned sail Gis $ 381,72 Usd

  2. […] UPDATE – the prices were reduced by $100 with a bonus increase in quality mid 2015. […]

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