We are now making custom sails and standard sails in custom materials

sail testing - reallysimplesails.com

Really Simple Sails is now outsourcing most of its panel cutting. Sails are now mostly Laser Cut off site.

This frees us from the limitations of our cutting space, so we can build larger sails and a greater variety of types while focussing on our quality and detail finishing.

It also provides us with a much larger inventory of sail cloths rather than the small inventory we hold in-house. We can do custom colours such as Tanbark and Egyptian Creme through to exotic fabrics like the square-top reefable sail below for Michael Storer’s upcoming Viola Canoe plan to be released later this year (The prototype boat being built in the Netherlands at the moment)

Tech oriented 5.0m sailing canoe sail with reef - reallysimplesails.com

We will continue to offer and augment the three standard sails that we keep in stock at Duckworks USA for fast deliveries worldwide. The sails for the Goat Island Skiff (105 sq ft balance lug in white dacron), OzRacer/OzGoose/PDRacer (89 sq ft balance lug in white dacron) and the small dinghy/canoe sail (balance or standing lug in white dacron)

If you wish to get a quote or ask if a particular custom sail or custom fabric is available or get a price please email Michael Storer

Our work developing and testing sails and maintaining our level of quality will continue as before but with much later flexibility.

The sail below is for a Welsford “Saturday Night Special”. We recalibrated the reefing to match the requirement for strong downwind running conditions of the “Texas 200” five day event without giving anything away for upwind work.

Custom sail for Welsford Saturday Night Special - reallysimplesails.com

The sail below and the sail at the opening of the article are sailing tests of our latest Goat Island Skiff sail design (thanks to Simon Lewinsky in Florida), here set with a laced foot. It is set up to be set loose footed as well for more control over sail depth in the bottom of the sail.

sail testing lug - reallysimplesails.com

6 thoughts on “We are now making custom sails and standard sails in custom materials

  1. MIK does that mean in future you’ll be able to make sails for an NIS 18???

    • Just a quick reply.

      If I get a request for pricing I can process it and see how it works out. If there is mast bend data that would be VERY useful for final design. But I can quote on the basic cost without that extra information.

  2. Mark Elliot-Ranken says:

    Hi Michael looks like you are really motoring along. How much extra would a tanbark coloured sail be for the Ocean Explorer? Also did you get my last postings to re: using a carbon fibre mast for the explorer instead of building the wooden mast. I’m looking at possibly using a windsurfer blank if I can find one to fit. regards Mark

    • Hi Mark,

      The tanbark sail adds roughly 8% to the standard price. Plus there might be some shipping costs to OZ too as we can get sails to the USA and Europe consolidated into other shipments.


  3. […] the little plank I got to hike from. Sorry to Michael Storer I messed up the visual appearance of his mainsail, but I needed a small jib that I made selftacking to get sail balance, and for a little but more […]

    • Not worried about that. A loose footed main is readily adaptable.

      Main concern is adding a jib to an unstayed rig can overload the mast. So keep an eye out for any weird bend and drop the jib if you see it.

      We know the boat sails well without the jib as the wind comes up so it all will still work very nicely.


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