First photo 50sq ft laminate sail for canoe

50 sq ft canoe sail. Laminate square top -

Thanks to Koos Winnips in the Netherlands for the first photo of the canoe sail prototype.

The sail price including shipping is 504USD or 459EUR (August 2016 subject to variation). We can provide provide the rig specs for the spars (mast is two piece using standard aluminium tubes, but could be carbon tubes of the same stiffness with a small modification to the sail to account for different mast diameter).

We can also make different sized versions of the same sail.

Contact us directly to order or post questions by either email or by adding a comment below.

2 thoughts on “First photo 50sq ft laminate sail for canoe

  1. Rolf Burnie says:

    Currently thinking of 5 sq m sail this shape for canoe, plus 2.5 sq m jib ans gennaker, on carbon mast. Mast unstayed except when jib is used

    • As the sail is loose footed you can set it at around 1 in 10 camber when sailing without the jib. When sailing with the jib you will probably find you need to tighten the outhaul to bring the foot camber down a bit to prevent “backwinding” from the jib.

      The mainsail is particularly well suited for this type of dual use.

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