Order a Really Simple Sail. Stock sails from Duckworks or Custom from RSS

Really Simple Sails does both Custom and Stock Sails.

Order a custom sail.

We do custom sails of all types.

The photo below is Koos Winnips who used our stock rig design. Sail by us and rig design available to make two part mast and boom from standard aluminium/aluminum tube.

koos winnips Artemis sailing canoe sail and rig - really simple sails com

Please Email Michael Storer directly. If the type of boat doesn’t appear on this website then please email a copy or clear phone camera copy of the sailplan from your boat plan. We have made sails for many different designs from (and for) several other well known designers.

Order a standard white Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, Ocean Explorer or 36sq ft Canoe Sail (even if not for one of these boats) from Duckworks.

Joost and Viola Engelen Goat Island Skiff balance lug - really simple sails com

Click link to go direct to website for ordering off the shelf RSS sails from Duckworks.  Delivery worldwide is very reasonably priced. More details below.

Details on the Stock RSS sails sold through Duckworks

OrderingDuckworks in the USA now have very reasonably priced sails now available for

These standard sails are available from our agent. However we can now make custom sails or custom coloured standard sails to order please email us. Email

Cheap but good sails for the Goat island Skiff, OzRacer, Oz PDRacer and Ocean explorer

Sails available for Goat Island Skiffs

This link will take you to their website.  The current prices of the sails (October 2016)

USD $381.72 – Goat Island skiff  – 105 sq ft (was $478)

USD $352.72 – OzRacer, Oz PDGoose and  Ocean Explorer – 89 sq ft (was $450)

$218 – Canoe or small dinghy – 36 sq ft


Prices for sails for several other boats are available on request.

The sails have been developed by Michael Storer along with the staff at Really Simple Sails.

There will shortly be more including some notes on folding and reefing methods applicable to any boat methods to get you on the water more quickly and safely on the Duckworks page too.

Goat island Skiff sail ordered from Duckworks USA. Deliver anywhere in North and South America


13 thoughts on “Order a Really Simple Sail. Stock sails from Duckworks or Custom from RSS

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  2. I live in cebu, and have a 16′ bangka… how much would a sail cost?

  3. Robert (Bob) Hauer says:

    I have a 10′ 8″ folda bote and I would like to put a balance lug sail on it. I understand that a 55 sq ft sail would be good for it. What is your recommendation and price. Thanks Bob

  4. Hi, I have been trying to email about having a sail made. But your email has been bouncing.

    What’s the best way to talk?

  5. James Fordyce says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m building a GIS in Darwin, Australia. I’m interested in getting a GIS sail in the tanbark colour. I briefly corresponded with you about this a few months ago, and have now progressed the build to a point that the sail seems necessary.

    Can I get a quote for sail and shipping to Darwin?


    • Hi James,

      The sail in Tanbark adds 15% to the cost in that weight. Add in delivery to Darwin and it comes to $660 Australian Dollars. Delivery time is about 4 weeks. Tell me if that is acceptable and we can send you an invoice via Paypal to be paid with Paypal, bank deposit or by card.

      Email me at boatmik@gmail.com


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    Hi, I am planning to build a GIS in the following months, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    I saw that the GIS sail is currently out of stock in the reallysimplesails site.
    May I order it anyway?

    • Hi Pedro,

      We had a production glitch in early January that put us behind.

      Put an order with duckworks now and you are earlier in the queue.

      We have 4 GIS sails going this week to fill existing duckworks orders.

      In ten days another three which would include your sail if you order now.

      And then another 7 sails ten days after that.

      This will leave duckworks with stock for later orders

      Apologies for the delay but we are busy filling the gap.

      Michael Storer.

      • PEDRO LOUREIRO says:

        Hi Michael, thank you very much.

        It’s good to hear that this was just a short-lived problem in your production.
        No need to apologize!

        Pedro Loureiro

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