Up to date rigging guide for lug rig sails on opengoose.com

I recently compiled an article on the current way we rig our fleet of Oz Goose Sailboats in the Philippines onto one page on OpenGoose.com

A bit of background.  A lot of regular boat items just are not available, so the effort has been to replace as many as possible with rope or other materials.

Here is an example.  By the mast you can see a downhaul loop that makes use of spectra rope of inconsequential cost to replace a stainless steel fitting that costs dollars and is unobtainable in many parts of the world.

There are many other cost saving and performance enhancing ideas.

Like making sure the downhaul is really really tight.  Something that has been confirmed by racing.  Also the outhaul should be relatively loose to give a 1 in 10 depth in the bottom of the mainsail. These are almost all well known racing tips, but sailors cruising have found their boats will now get to places where they couldn’t before

4 thoughts on “Up to date rigging guide for lug rig sails on opengoose.com

  1. I enjoy expanding my knowledge about small sailing boats. I met Mr. Storer in Port Aransas, Texas, USA at the ply-Wooden Boat festival.

  2. This is both street smart and intelligent.

    • Thankyou Helene!

      We all do our best – designer and users. Many of the best ideas come from people who regularly use their boats. The process of eliminating hardware and making the rigging of these boats more and more straightforward really has taken decades. In a sense it is applied industrial design from a user’s perspective.

      Lots of collective thinking.

      Thankyou very much.

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