Sail setting info for the Saturday Night Special – Boat design by John Welsford

The Saturday Night Special (SNS) is more or less traditionally built over a strongback. It was designed as a group building project for the Texas200 five day event that runs every year.

John Goodman, a good friend and former sailmaker asked us to produce a semi stock sail for the SNS.

These are his Photos of setting up the trial sail on his Goat Island Skiff while waiting for the SNS builds to be ready.

Sail setup for John Welsford Saturday Night Special

He wrote back to us very happy at the sail we produced, considering it very well finished and setting very well.

John Goodman ended up putting together a mini tutorial to help get other Welsford Saturday Night Special setups looking as good with our really simple sail.

We tend to use a different halyard setup using a single halyard for all functions for the Goat Island Skiff and other Storer Boats, so this is a good tutorial for the more common setup with a halyard attaching to the yard close to the mast and a separate loop around the mast to keep the yard in the right place.

One of the things that takes a little bit of time is getting a new sail to sit right on a new boat, so this will save many Saturday Night Special owners a bit of time.  It can make the difference between a very so-so looking sail and one that looks great.

A good reference for sail setting is usually the drawing of the hull with sail in the plan. It is important to replicate the way the designer sets out the sail in terms of how high to hoist the sail, how much sail is ahead of the mast and the angle of the luff.

As John suggests if the sail goes a bit more forward at top and/or a bit further back at the boom level then there will be way more boom clearance in the cockpit as you get further back from the mast.

Much more convenient.

Sail setup for John Welsford Saturday Night Special

And some more little mods that will be applicable to many boats.

Sail setup for John Welsford Saturday Night Special

Great advice for getting the most out of your sail, whatever way it is set up.

For more information on Lug rigs and some of the things we have learned this page might be useful.

Resources for setting up, tuning and handling balance and other lug sails

And the diagnostic and quick fix of a very common lug setting problem experienced by new lug sailors.

And  using Leach ribbons for sail trim.

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