Shawn Payment Turbos his Bevin’s Skiff – Frankenskiff

Increasing sail area on the Bevin’s Skiff

Order from stock of the 89sq ft lug here can be used as a balance or standing lug on other boats.

shawn payment bevins skiff with Really simple sails lugsail

Shawn sailed his Bevin’s Skiff in a number of events with the standard 65 square ft sail.

Shawn is an experienced small boat voyager having sailed several long distance events. Our association started through sailing 8ft Ducks that evolved into the Oz Racers.

shawn payment bevins skiff

Bigger sail for regatta sailing a Bevin’s Skiff – Lug chosen

He decided he wanted a bit more performance, so built in side tanks and added the OzRacer/OzGoose sail for the “Crab Bank Regatta” but had his borrowed trailer axle break.

The lug is a well behaved sail (don’t forget to use LOTS of downhaul) and has a gentle gybe compared to triangular sails. It also packs a lot of sail area without putting the sail too high.

It also has good reefing qualities.

He will get it together for an appearance at the Cassidy Cup mid October.

shawn payment bevins skiff with Really simple sails lugsail

Standard Really Simple Sails are available from Duckworks.

Duckworks keep this 89sq ft lug sail in stock as well as the 105sq ft lug sail.

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Or email us for  custom sails (see menu at top of page).


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