Tanbark sails now available

Tanbark sails - Really Simple Sails

The above is a file photo, but we are able to do tanbark and some other sail colours.

All are only available by direct order from us.

Time to delivery ex philippines is 2 to 4 weeks to most points on the globe.

Price difference is about 15 percent for tanbark, partially because they are are special order and part because of sail cloth and sail cloth weight price differences.

Egyptian creme is also available but is somewhat more expensive.

Requests for quotes welcome.

3 thoughts on “Tanbark sails now available

  1. Alejandro decar says:

    I want a practice main sail for a 420 class sailboat. Can you make one? Price? Freight to uruguay south america. I am friend of Daniel Caselli

    • Hi Alejandro,

      I will put a price for a 420 practice sail together for you. Piriapolis looks like a great place to sail. Daniel is one of my old friends and puts up videos of sailing in Uruguay – very nice!

      Best wishes

    • It looks like we can do the 420 mainsail at a good price, but the freight to Uruguay is crazy high. I working out the costs of sending the package to the USA first and then get my agent to send it to Uruguay.

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