Main and Mizzen Sails for Jim Michalak’s Haps Cut ketch

John and Rosa Goodman recently participated in the Texas 200 mile event with a set of our sails on his purple and yellow Hapscut scow.

sails for jim michalak hapscut ketch - really

We were on a tight deadline to get them designed, cut, panels delivered to us, sewn up and then zooting across the Pacific to John and Rosa in Texas and got them there with a week to spare and three days ahead of our promised schedule.

Mainsail closeup

sails for jim michalak hapscut ketch - really

Mizzen closeup

sails for jim michalak hapscut ketch - really

John is promising us a full review soon, but for new this neat little email and some photos showing off the sails.

Mik & Company,

We just rolled in from our Texas 200 sail up the Texas coast using our new Really Simple Sails. 57 boats started and 28 boats made it to the end. We put them thru heavy weather testing during the first few days of the trip with sustained 20 knot winds and a few gusts that touched 30 knots. The later part of the trip where light variable winds that tested even my concentration on how to keep the boat moving.

We made every camp under sail except the Port Mansfield jetties. About 3/4 of the way up the channel we beached the boat for a lunch break and offered John Wright and his sailing canoe a tow since the wind was 15-20 knts on the nose.

I will write a full review after we get the boat cleaned up, packed away and my sunburned lips heal but for now hear are 2 pictures.

One happy customer.

John & Rosa Goodman

sails for jim michalak hapscut ketch - really

The Hapscut and other sails for Jim Michalak designs can be ordered by contacting us direct.

Here is the sailplan to check if the mainsail might fit other boats. I would not suggest transferring the mizzen sail to any other boats except as a mizzen – mizzens need to be cut a bit differently as they are generally on a much stiffer mast than for a small boat.

sails for jim michalak hapscut ketch - really

Other Jim Michalak Boats we have made sails for:

Contact us for prices on other Jim Michalak boat sails not listed.

  • Wooboo 74sq ft lug tan
  • Wooboo 74sq ft lug white
  • Hapscut Main 5oz
  • Hapscut Mizzen 4oz


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  1. […] One of the first sets we made was for the Jim Michalak Hapscut design built by high level sailor (and former professional sailmaker) John Goodman for his family. First serious outing was for the Texas 200 mile event. John’s comments here. […]

  2. How much for the Haps Cut sails as described?

    • Hi Tim,

      Sorry about the delay, I have to find out why this website isn’t leaving sending me a message.

      The Haps Cut sails in USD including shipping to continental USA are
      Main $456.86
      Mizzen $247.62

      Sorry about the slow reply

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